TeamRAD Productions

A one hour Supernatural Western told from the female perspective. 

It is Deadwood

meets Big Little Lies

meets Twin Peaks

Gritty. Dangerous. Bleak.

The women are not what they seem.

Co-Written, Produced, & Starring Rebecca

Late Bloomers Productions

At 33, Michael’s doing something he's never done before - meeting up with another guy. Off Grindr. But what begins as an incredibly ill-advised midday hookup soon reveals itself to be the perfect primer for his new gay life.

This is going to be awkward...and also kinda great.

Screened at over 30 film festivals, featured on &, and currently being pitched into a series

Co-Directed by Rebecca 

30 Films

Amy Walker and Sam Vant have "hated" each other since they were kids. But when Amy finds out her fiancé is cheating on her, Sam offers some heartfelt advice that uncovers their real feelings for each other. And all in 30 seconds.

Written & Directed by Rebecca