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"..." -Duplas Brothers

(they haven't messaged us back)

"He was so great in Speed." -Roxanne Butler

Verity's Mom

"Love it." -Paula Hanley

Rebecca's Mom

OFFICIAL SELECTION - North Hollywood CineFest - 2021.png

we won't stop until we find him.


A mockumentary short film about two best friends searching in the desert for their guru - Keanu Reeves.

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why Keanu?

We feel the world could use more kindness, tolerance, and guidance. And who better to turn to than Keanu?

Whether he’s offering his seat on the New York subway,

giving thought-provoking interviews,

or riding his motorcycle through the desert,

Keanu is an inspiration to one and all. 

He’s kind.

He’s wise.

He’s weird-- but in a great way.

When life gives you lemons, find Keanu. 

Rebecca & Verity listening for Keanu
Home base while searching for Keanu
Verity and Rebecca signaling Keanu
Shrine to Keanu
Rebecca and Verity becoming one with the desert
Verity and Rebecca needing your help to find Keanu
Verity and Rebecca feeling good about finding Keanu
Rebecca and Verity make a new friend while searching for Keanu
Verity and Rebecca haunted by the wise ghost of Keanu
Documentary Shar helping Verity and Rebecca on their search for Keanu
Have you seen Keanu?
How long ago was it?
Did he ask about us?
Can we:

god bless you.

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