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V&B Productions

Image by Mike Castro Demaria

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Death Becomes Her and Booksmart meets 

Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Eternal Sunshine meets

Hereditary and It Follows.

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script and look book available

script and look book available

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We have been friends for 14 years, and working together for 10 years - writing and creating projects as well as a list of ideas to develop in the future. Our goal is to build a production company where we can bring these projects to the world as well as foster and provide that same opportunity to other women and underrepresented voices. 


We are drawn to creating stories featuring complex female protagonists. Stories about women who see their world in unique ways, and who can be proactive to take action to change their world. We believe in promoting diversity,  to include people from different ages, race, ethnicities, and sexual orientation. We also include our love of  supernatural horror, as well as our goofy sense of humor.

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